Recently, effects of aviation on climate change became very present in the public awareness. A major focus of the discussions is on CO2 effects on climate change. However, current research indicates, that non-CO2 effects like contrail-induced cirrus clouds are equally important. Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) offer one effective way to mitigate both CO2 and non-CO2 impacts on climate. There is an urgent need to develop sustainable and renewable fuels, which can be deployed at competitive prices within a not too distant future.

With this background, the JETSCREEN consortium organized a Workshop at the Brussels Press Club on November 26 on the topic: Maximizing sustainable aviation fuel benefits beyond CO2 reduction.

The workshop presented challenges and updates on the developments of SAF by focusing on the following three guiding questions:

  1. Wider impact of aviation on climate change: What are the mitigation strategies?
  2. Promising fuel production pathways: How can screening tools support their development and approval?
  3. Challenging alternative fuel specifications to increasing the scope of approved materials:
    What is possible? Where are the limits?

The workshop brought together more than 70 participants from 12 countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, South Africa, United States, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ireland).

The full set of slides presented during the Workshops are listed below:

Welcome_B. RAUCH Project Coordinator


Session_1.1 Maniatis -Decarbonizing the aviation sector

Session_1.2 GREWE -The climate impact of aviation: Current status and mitigation options

Session_1.3_PENANHOAT -Potential drop-in fuels benefits on Airport Air Quality 

Session_2.1_RUMIZEN-Experiences with SAF approval and deployment

Session_2.2_SIZMANN-Upcoming technologies and challenges for renewable jet fuel

Session_2.3__ROSENDAHL-Hydrothermal liquefaction: Sustainable fuel from wastes, residues and advanced energy crops

Session_2.4_TOPSOE-Fischer Tropsch as a key process for SAF including PtL 

Session_2.5_RAUCH-Jet fuel screening and preselection – international efforts to support SAF development and approva

Session_3.1_HEYNE-High performance fuels – From Molecule Selection to Mission Benefits

Session_3.2_PARMENTER-Future fuels and the aircraft fuels system

Session_3.3_JEULAN-Future fuels and the aircraft engine

Session_3.4_BLAKEY-Application of big data analytics to fuel property datasets