ZODIAC Aerotechnics is part of the ZODIAC Aerospace Group.  The company employs 35,000 people around the world. Production facilities include around 100 plants and 35 support centres. The group is divided into four branches: AeroSystems, Cabin, Seats and Services The Aerosystem Branch is a world-recognized specialist in high-technology equipment and systems for essential functions, both aloft and on the ground. Its systems and components are installed in the airplanes and helicopters of all the leading international airframers. The Branch's main competencies are: Fuel circulation, fuel quantity management, fuel tank inerting, Hydraulics and controls, Oxygen and life support, Electrical power, Flight-deck controls and displays, ice detection. This branch will be working in the Jetscreen project. 

Role in the project


Personnel involved

Stéphane TUFFE has a PHD in physics of materials at INSA de Lyon with an extensive background both in industrial and academic research within different industrial environment. He is the head of R&T for the fuel circulation and inerting system department of Zodiac ZFIS.   Stéphane TUFFE will coordinate the Jetscreen project.