SAFRAN Aircraft Engines, company of SAFRAN Group, is one of the world's leading aerospace propulsion companies, with a wide range of propulsion systems on offer. By drawing on these propulsion technologies, SAFRAN-AE leverages its ability to deliver innovative solutions and develop the multidisciplinary synergies which are critical for tomorrow's air and space powerplants. In the civil aviation sector, SAFRAN-AE develops, produces and markets the best-selling family of CFM56 turbofans and the newly certified family of their successors, the LEAP turbofans through CFM International and (equally-owned with General Electric), or the SaM146 engine for the SuperJet 100 aircraft. Snecma is currently developing the Silvercrest business jet engine.  SAFRAN-AE is strongly supporting all technical solutions to mitigate aviation environmental impact. In that prospect, it develops new engine and combustor technologies (with an important contribution in European projects like Clean Sky and LEMCOTEC) and promotes renewable alternatives fuels (contributing to their ASTM certification) and the fuel composition optimisation. 

Role in the project


Personnel involved

Olivier Penanhoat: PhD with 20 years experience at SAFRAN-AE and more than 10 years in combustion field (CFD, design, pollution). Coordinates all R&T linked to emissions & environmental issues and is the company focal point on alternative fuels. Strongly involved in CAEP emissions regulation and in European projects, being currently pilote of the FORUM-AE coordination action on Aviation and Emissions. Was involved in various projects linked to alternative fuels (CAER, MOCCASSIN, A-PRIDE7).

Nora Lamharess: PhD with 5 years experience at SAFRAN-AE, and fuel expert. Is involved in most company activity linked to alternative fuels, and follows ASTM certification. She is currently involved in French project MOCCASSIN