Rolls Royce CLOSE

Rolls-Royce has been an established engine manufacturer for over 100 years and has significant experience in the design and development of aero gas turbines. We have been at the forefront of design of combustors for low emissions and participated in numerous technology programmes. We have dedicated fuels, combustion and measurement specialists who lead state of the art technology development and who work closely with a broad network of research centres and universities. Rolls-Royce strategy of Better Power for a changing world drives us to continually reduce the environmental impact of our products and deliver new low environmental impact technologies. In particular, we are developing hardware, methods and standards for measurement of both volatile and non-volatile particulate emissions

Role in the project

Combustor test facility, hardware and measurement kit are all existing

Personnel involved

Mark Johnson, Emissions measurement expert, 17 years experience, Male,

Jonathan Hart, Environmental strategy: Rolls-Royce since 1984. Background in Aero-engine design and performance, business and strategy. Environmental and technical suitability concern with alternative jet fuels since 2009.