ONERA is the French aeronautics, space and defense research lab. A multi-disciplinary organization with experimental means unique in Europe, ONERA brings expertise to European and government programs, both institutional and industrial. Research at ONERA meets the major challenges of the aerospace and defense industries. It is the only organization in France gathering all the knowledge and skills in these areas. The Fluid Mechanics and Energetics branch’s activities cover a broad spectrum ranging from basic research to applications in several fields. The upstream-downstream links and couplings between disciplines are manifold and necessary for understanding, modeling, numerically and experimentally simulating to finally master the complex phenomena encountered in the external or internal flows dealt with in the branch. 

Role in the project

Two Scientific departments are involved in the JETSCREEN project :DEFA (Fundamental and Applied Energetics) and DMAE (Aerodynamics and Energetics Modeling). The DEFA mission is to provide the propulsion industry with experimental results and mathematical models that it can use to optimize its developments and to carry out advanced research on new designs of energetic systems. The areas of expertise applied to all type of aerospace propulsion systems (turbojets, ramjets, supersonic ramjets, solid and liquid fuel rocket engines) as well as to other energetic systemsare the following:

  • Aerothermics
  • Combustion
  • Fuels and energetic materials
  • Emissions and environmental impact.

With such skills, ONERA is able to take into account challenges met by alternative fuels modelling. In particular, the complex phenomena encountered in the spray and combustion processes and during emission can be modeled. The fuel behavior is studied depending on the reactivity of its different families of chemical compounds therefore the relationships between the chemical composition of a fuel and its properties are known.

Personnel involved

Mickaël SICARD (gender: male) is a senior scientist of the Energetic Materials research unit. He received his master of degree in kinetics, catalysis in the field of hydrocarbons in 1998 and his Ph.D. in chemistry in 2001. At ONERA since 2001, he has initiated and developed various devices and characterization techniques able to study the thermal and oxidative stability of hydrocarbons. He is more precisely involved in endothermic fuels, fuel stability, alternative jet fuels, antioxidant activity, long term storage stability, and catalytic cracking. He has been involved in several National (ESTOK, INCA, MOCCASSIN) and European research programmes (Alfa-Bird, Swafea).

Jacques ANCELLE (gender: male) is a senior chemist who has dealt with organic composite materials for about 25 years and works now in analytical chemistry, in assistance for studies on solid propellants and liquid fuels. Since 3 or 4 years, he is particularly involved in characterization of biofuels and alternative fuels for aviation

David DELHAYE (gender: male) (PhD University of Marseille, 2007) has been working as an emission measurement specialist at Onera since 2004. He then joined the DLR in 2008 at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (DLR Oberpfaffenhofen - Germany) in framework of European Network of Excellence ECATS scientific exchange for 15 months where he worked on various national or European research projects (BIOCLEAN, CONCERT, SAMPLE). He has been working since 2009 in the Onera’s Atmospheric Environment team with a special emphasis on soot particles characterization. He has been involved in EU projects like ECATS (NoE, 20052010), SAMPLE1&2&3 (EASA, 2009-2011) and also national funded projects. He is a member of the SAE–E31 experts subcommittee on aircraft engine particulate matter emissions.