CERFACS is a research organisation that aims to develop advanced methods for the numerical simulation and the algorithmic solution of large scientific and technological problems of interest for research as well as industry. This requires access to the most powerful computers presently available. It is supported by seven shareholders, namely EADS, Météo-France, EDF, CNES, SAFRAN, ONERA and TOTAL. It hosts several scientific teams covering various topics (climatology, electromagnetism, parallel algorithms) among which the CFD team is the largest. The main field of application of the CFD team is Large Eddy Simulation of unsteady compressible multiphase reacting turbulent flows in complex geometries, based on High Performance Computing. CERFACS has taken part in more than 30 French National projects and 10 European projects. CERFACS possesses its own computational machines and is used to be selected to compute on PRACE machines. The AVBP code co-developped by CERFACS and IFPEN will be used in the present project.

Role in the project

The main task of CERFACS in the JETSCREEN project is to show the capacity of LES to evaluate the impact of alternative fuels on engine performances, in terms of ignition, lean blow out (LBO), combustion instability (WP6) and emissions (WP7) 

Personnel involved

Dr B. Cuenot (F) is graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris in 1991. She started her career in Energetics in the United States where she spent a year, then continued in the field with a PhD at CERFACS. After a postdoctorate at IMFT devoted to two-phase flows, B. Cuenot came back to CERFACS where she contributed to develop the CFD-combustion team, that she is now leading. Her research work is mainly oriented towards the numerical simulation of turbulent combustion in industrial burners. In particular she developed the solver for two-phase combustion, and was among the first to perform LES of turbulent spray flames in industrial 3D complex configurations. Dr. B. Cuenot has authored and co-authored about 50 journal papers in the field of turbulent combustion, and two book chapters. She has coordinated numerous national and European projects, and supervised more than 20 PhD students.

Dr E. Riber (F) graduated from ENSEEIHT in 2003 and then worked at IMFT and CERFACS in the field of twophase flow modeling to obtain her PhD from Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse in 2007. After one year as a researcher at IFPEN, she joined CERFACS in 2008. Her research work is mainly oriented towards numerical simulation of two-phase turbulent combustion in complex geometries. Her research work is mainly oriented towards modeling and Large Eddy Simulation of reacting turbulent flows in complex geometries on massively parallel machines. She has developed expertise in turbulent flows, combustion and pollutant modelling, with more than 20 papers in referred journals. She has coordinated several national projects, taken part in several European projects (FIRST, LEMCOTEC, IMPROOF, SOPRANO) and co-supervised more than 10 PhD students.