Airbus is currently one of the largest manufacturers of civil aircraft in the world. The UK operations of Airbus have been a major contributor to this success by leading the wing, landing gear and fuel system design activity. Final assembly of all civil Airbus wings is conducted at the Airbus facility in Broughton.  Design of all Airbus Wings, Landing Gear and Fuel and Inerting Systems is conducted at Filton. Powerplant integration design is based in Toulouse. As the value of the Airbus business has increased, due to the successful sales of aircraft into the global market, so too has the competition for design and manufacture of the major aircraft structures and systems Airbus Fuel & Inerting Systems Domain are the lead for all Airbus Group Companies for Fuel and Additive clearances and approvals. In order to meet future environmental targets it is necessary to consider fuels from alternate pathways.  Airbus have supported a number of flights using bio or other synthetic fuels and have contributed to the approval of the 5 synthetic fuel pathways. 

Role in the project

Airbus will bring this overall expertise in the field of fuel properties and their impact on the Overall Aircraft Design to this project

Personnel involved

Mr Derek Royston Dean CEng MIChemE - Project Manager - 22years experience in the Chemical Industry. 10 years in Aviation. Works with Airbus Fuel Properties Expert in Aviation Fuel & Additive Clearances

Ms Solange Baena MEng – R&T Engineer – 8 years experience in Aerospace Fuel Systems research